We arrive in Sicily


Sunday 12th August 2017 – New mafia crew join in Sicily

This morning, at 0900, we said farewell to Stewart and Marcel as they left the boat to make their way by taxi to Palermo Airport. We’ve had a fantastic 3 weeks sailing with them and many memorable moments……. looking forward to welcoming them back later in the voyage. We are now joined by Zoë, Nick and Adrian, as we sail off to Sardinia 😊

Unfortunately, the 9 knots of wind was in a northerly directly on our nose with a lumpy sea state…. Oh joy! The wind weakened slightly but remained constant so we managed to get some good sailing in as we went into the night.

Chicken curry for dinner tonight, it sounded like an easy to cook meal, chop everything up and leave it in a pot… Unfortunately, it didn’t help that the chicken breasts hadn’t defrosted and were like rocks and when Josh came to cut it up, found that the chicken breasts still had bones and tubes inside them!! Ew

After dinner we prepared for the night shift and sailed through the night

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