Boat Preperation

It was hard work with almost every weekend visiting on the boat, however I do believe the end result will be worth it 🙂

Keel Cooled fridge
Keel Cooled fridge

Getting the priorities correct meant fitting a keel cooled fridge for the beer and wine!

We understand that when sailing south they get rather warm… I do believe that the butter starts to melt too!

It works by water cooling the gasses rather than air cooling them, this using less energy and creating less noise for when the wildly crew want to sleep – I have to think of them sometimes!



Hydro generator – to make energy as we are sailing – for free!

WattandSea Hydrogenerator
WattandSea Hydrogenerator

A magical device fitted to the transom that can be raised and lowered as required.  As the boat moves forward a propeller rotates and generates energy from within it’s module, almost identical to the alternator that you have in your car.

This means we can consume electricity as required and re-charge the batteries for free!  Meaning ‘George’ the auto-helm can be used as and when required, the water-maker can be turned on more frequently thus providing showers as when needed — some more than others 🙂



Various (many) other projects were required…

Replacing stern gland as a precaution / routine maintenance, striping the wheels so they can be recovered, complete winch stripe down and major servicing…


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