Skipper here!

Hubby to Helen and father to our son Josh, been sailing for many many years from small dinghies to race boats, now the biggest adventure in our latest toy!

I like challenges both in my working career and social fun, this trip without question is my pinnacle to-date…  Having made the plunge 4 years ago  MAD  MONKEY has been the focus of most my weekend fun!  Fun, meaning you work a 5 day week then get to work at the weekends too – great!  With MAD  MONKEY being struck by lightning back in 2015, this put the project in delay, with almost 1 year lost for preparation… The only saving grace being that we and our crew all survived unscathed.

My challenge to prepare MAD  MONKEYso that crew and boat are safe is my priority, to venture into 42 countries (other than by aircraft!) is the target, to circumnavigate is the reward.  Together with my family and crew I’m looking forward to a 2-year holiday (sorry party!!!) afloat.

Come join us…  and enjoy the fun.

Skipper OUT!

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