A chilled-out week as little wind made it difficult!

We initially sailed to northern Sardinia as wind didn’t allow it last week, WOW what a lovely place!

Islands galor with beautiful nature reserves protecting the wildness, a very harmonious and tranquil place (am I really writing this !  🙂  )

The week started with a supermarket of food and drink arriving on-board, Italian style, no cloths just food and drink!  However a very warm welcome was apparent…

Bottles of MAD MONKEY wine was presented, a lot of preparation was made by Amalia and Max to make their stay memorable – this they did!

The wind wasn’t helpful with the motor taking the brunt, however the locations visited blew the mind away, N Sardinia, a really great place to visit…


Written by Amalie and Max – 2 new crew Italian members:

We are sailing with Mark, Helen, Josh in the Mediterranean area. Mark is an experienced sailor and very competent. The s/y can navigate anywhere, perfectly maintained and Mark always has absolute control of the situation.

The atmosphere on boat is always pleasant, and Mark Helen Josh are persons friendly and respectful. Mark is a good teacher and Helen and Josh are very passionate in sailing, we hope major navigation and Massimo and I will get the chance to sail with Mark Helen and Josh again in the not distant future.

Mark Helen Josh are great guys with a great sense of humour and enjoy these days in sailing with them. Massimo and I feel right at home, we share some fun and adventure as all of us love the sailing lifestyle.

Fair winds and thank you for this experience!

Max & Amalie

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