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Welcome, I’m Helen

I’ve been sailing for over 20 years and have collated many fond sailing memories, but I’m sure this adventure will create many, many more!

I have enjoyed competing in multiple sailing campaigns including the Fastnet Race in 2011 which must be one of my top highlights.  I relish the adrenaline of racing both in-shore and offshore and the buzz of Cowes week is always a memorable one!!  Words can’t describe how much I am looking forward to doing this amazing lifetime adventure as a family, when Mark and I had this dream 10 years ago (well, mainly Mark!), it seemed so far into the future, but now here we are…  the clock is ticking down

Cooking is a passion of mine, but cooking in high seas will be a new challenge!!  Arriving in different countries having to use the local ingredients will probably test my culinary skills however I’m sure with the help of the crew and some good cook books we will not go hungry!

Safe seas


3 thoughts on “Helen”

  1. Hello Helen!
    How would I like to join in with you on Mad Monkey,
    together with my sail-hungry husband.
    Wishing you three and your sailing companions wonderful and interesting sailing days, pleasant winds and a safe trip for all.

    Take care and keep us, your “work collegues” in Germany,

    The best of wishes for your world tour,


  2. Concratulations to your Circumnavigation to you and your family!
    I saw that Mad Monkey has reached St.Lucia yesterday.

    Great ackomplishment!
    Best of Greetings from Germany,


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