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22nd July 2017 – Departure Day -1

With the check list almost complete, it was down to the last 3 remaining items.  The satellite phone was registered and tested, all worked well.  The trackers messaging service was turned ON and Josh was well happy to have 121 ‘simple’ texting to his friends back home anywhere in the world.  This only left the SSB to be checked and emails / GRIB’s downloaded… well, I believe Meat Loaf made the words… 2 out of 3 aint bad!  The modem failed which means we have no email or GRIB’s for our 1st legs (unless we download via satellite phone if required).  Regardless, many thanks to Jane, (Stewarts wife) who’ll send it for repair and hopefully it’ll be returned by crew when they arrive into Sardinia in a few weeks’ time.

1800hrs came and offerings of Mount Gay rum arrived, who would have guessed we liked a little tipple!  The drinks flowed and the departure party began, followed by a curry and an early morning to bed… just shy to 0100hrs I do believe!

The morning arrived…

Written by Skipper Mark


23rd July 2017

WOW WOW WOW!!!  Wot a send off!

With 32 family and friends as well as our 3 crew members we couldn’t have received a better send off…  Many travelling 100’s of miles to say farewell and offer Bon Voyage!

Estimated to start around 1100hrs our 1st surprize family member (my father!) arrived @ 0945hrs, I guess he had to arrive 1st time on-time 😊 with other family and friends following shortly after.  Pimm’s was prepared by Helen and champagne was popped till 1300hrs when we started our grand voyage..  a 2 year circumnavigation visiting 42 countries, Boy o’ boy, we never dreamt our send-off would be as WOW as this!

Helen, Josh and I want to thank everyone of you that attended and indeed those that rang to send best wishes, the phone was pretty hot all morning!  We really appreciate your support and best wishes and it’ll be great to see you during our travels if you have the possibility…

We slipped at 1300hrs and entered the Solent, what was a dry morning (weather wise that is!) suddenly turned in a squall with driving rain and winds to 35Kn, we had a wet and windy initial 3 hours but then it all changed, actually we made 0.5km in the following 6 hours – but backwards!  Later the winds did return and we entered into a lumpy sea with sporadic gusts, a really unpleasant 1st night we have to say…  5 sail plan changes, wet and bendy… however always with smiles…  roll on the Pacific!

A very memorable day and the reward for the last 4 years preparation

Written by Skipper Mark