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Having sailed for 25+ years both racing and cruising my fun of sailing grows with every trip. The love of the sea, it's content (meaning I'm a keen fisherman too!) and the challenge it offers keeps making me return. This circumnavigation will full fill 1 of my goals ~~ to setup, navigate and sail around the world with crew and yacht in total safety... What more could I ask for ?


Being around 8 weeks since we departed, and it being my birthday, I thought it time for a BUM SCRUB  One might say about time, others would just laugh!

As movement was restricting, meaning it is not as smooth as it used to be, I could feel the difference between what was once a nice clean’ smooth’ BUM and now — a BUM that needed a scrub …

Being BIRTHDAY BOY I was obliged to put on the gloves and get out the scouring pads, like usual, no cleaning agents were used — only water applied.  Up and down, left to right, sometimes in circles, tackling some hard patches and some difficult to reach areas, some were stubborn, however with extra effort, all was eventually clean – WOW, it looked and felt good :-0

Struggling for air now it was time to stop, and even with the help of Josh, yes yes of course, we were cleaning the underside of Mad Monkey…  no barnacles to see, but a few small crustaceans were found like the norm!

Once cleaning had finished we were welcomed by Helen to our 1st English breakfast with shampoo’ – a birthday boy treat to remember!


We found Majorca and had mixed opinions  —  Beautiful coves and scenery  —  Lot’s of steps and churches!!!  —  Josh found Magaluf  —  and then we prepared for IBIZA!

(Every story has a great ending…)